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The dangers of pirated software - part II

November 2013

Following a report from an informant, BSA will send the company a letter of notice. This letter states that BSA and its members are in possession of information concerning the illegal use of its members’ software and calls on the recipient to undertake an internal computer audit, provide BSA with the results and instructing the company not to modify or attempt to conceal the situation by erasing the software used without an appropriate license.

The dangers of pirated software - part I

October 2013

Several years ago, companies were still able to get away with it. Their IT staff worked to provide all users with the software required to do their jobs. Few questioned the legalities involved in their actions: as long as it worked and costs weren’t too high, it was all for the best.

The forced purchase of shares in the context of shareholders disputes

September 2013

The forced purchase of shares is one of the most frequently sought-after remedies in the context of shareholders disputes. While this remedy may seem like an obvious and easy solution, courts are reluctant to grant the forced the purchase of shares, considered an extreme remedy that is akin to expropriation. 

Potential major impact of upcoming triennial assessments

July 2013

This September, several municipalities across the province, including the City of Montréal, will return a new triennial assessment roll, which will apply for taxation years 2014-2016. As a property owner and taxpayer, you should find out quickly if the new legislative regime applies to your situation and how this may have a major impact on your future tax burden.

Advantages and disadvantages of arbitration clauses

May 2013

An arbitration agreement is a contract specifically contemplated in, and governed by the Civil Code of Québec, and its validity has long been recognized. This article considers the advantages and disadvantages of the principal characteristics of this type of contractual agreement.

Disciplinary Proceedings

February 2013

The inquiry is completed and the trustee has concluded that a disciplinary complaint should be filed against you. From the investigator that he was, the trustee has become the whistle-blower. And you, once the collaborator, are now facing an adversary seeking to prove your guilt.

The Integrity in Public Contracts Act

February 2013

Unanimously adopted by the National Assembly, the new Integrity in Public Contracts Act ensures that in the future, any company that wishes to enter into a construction or services contract with a government body or municipality must obtain authorisation for that purpose from the AMF.